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Lanai Lights are a versatile lighting solution with 4 options suitable for various applications, including down lighting, accent lighting, and security lighting, among others. Crafted from durable 3M composite material, this light emits 500 lumens in bright white and offers a palette of 16 million colors. Its applications range from patio, pool enclosure and boat dock illumination to pathways, screen enclosures and bridges.

Outdoor lighting with many benefits

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Lanai Lights will illuminate your pool enclosure and boat dock areas

All models come equipped with a dedicated easy-to-use remote control and a WI-FI phone app for convenient operation. With energy-saving LED technology and low-voltage systems designed for outdoor use, Lanai Lights provide both efficiency and safety. Their patented designs ensure uniqueness, while their versatility allows for use in diverse settings such as screen enclosures, decks, fences, and boat dock areas.


Beyond aesthetics, our lanai light serves a critical function in ensuring the safety of your outdoor areas. Well-lit pathway or pool cage mean fewer accidents and a safer environment for your family and guests.


A well-lit boat dock, pool and walkway, can deter vandalism, and other criminal activities by providing a well-lit environment that makes it easier to see and identify suspicious behavior.

Transforming a property’s nighttime appearance isn’t just about utility; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that accentuates the beauty of its design and instills a sense of pride and tranquility for homeowners and visitors. Our premium lanai lighting products are specifically designed to enhance outdoor aesthetics, providing not just light, but an unparalleled ambiance that elevates any property’s charm after dusk.

Palm Beach Model

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The Palm Beach model is made with the same crack and fade proof 3M composite, this model also comes in FULL COLOR with 16 Million color choices. We have slimmed down the Palm Beach’s profile to keep your pool cage looking clean and seamless. LED’s have a 50,000 hour life expectancy and emit 2,000 lumens at Full Bright White.

South Beach Model

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Our slimmest profile yet, the South Beach Model is a minimalist’s dream. The rectangular profile comes equipped with FULL COLOR and 16 million color choices. Made with the same 3M composite that is guaranteed to never dull, crack, or fade. LED’s have a 50,000 hour life expectancy and emit 2,000 lumens at Full Bright White.

Sanibel Model

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Meet the newest member of the Lanai Lights family, the Sanibel Lighting! Our new up and down light brings a sleek, minimalist look to our line up and comes standard with our full range of colors. Perfect for fence, pool cage, patio, dock, pathway and drive way lighting.

Sunset Model

Lanai Lights Sunset Model is a unique light used for many applications. This light is often used in conjunction with Palm Beach Models. The Sunset Model has been used as down lighting, accent lighting, dock lighting, tiki’s, bridges, piers and so much more. This is made using 3M composite and produces 500 Lumen in bright white while also having the 16million colors. Comes with remote control and WIFI phone app.

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Lanai Lights

Designed as a sconce and installed on the wall beams of the screen enclosure Excellent for ambiance lighting for the perimeter of your pool and lanai decking Ideal for creating a perfect atmosphere and setting the tone for your outdoor living space

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Lights Downward Cast

Pathway LED as lights are an excellent way to illuminate your entry and exit of your screen and lanai enclosure Their wide angle beam casts a soft and effective lighting Ideal for the border of your lanai, above the screen doors, along the exterior border of your cage for illuminating your exterior landscape

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Lights Up or Down

Up and Down Lights are a great way of creating atmosphere on your screen enclosure and lanai They wash screen enclosure with a decorative two-way pattern of light for a cozy, welcoming effect. Wide beam angle creates an ambient element when shining upward into a large space and downward along pathways and edges

professionally installed

Professionally Installed

Hardwired Low-voltage
Fully Customizable
Multi Colored
Programmable Zones
Adjust the brightness

Pool Cage, Decks, Fencing, and Docks

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