Add Lighting to Your Pool Enclosure

Transform your backyard into a vibrant oasis with our cutting-edge pool cage lighting. Designed not just to illuminate, but to captivate, our pool cage or pool enclosure lighting sets the standard for outdoor entertainment and safety. Whether you’re hosting a lively pool party or seeking to enhance your evening ambiance, our lighting offers the perfect blend of functionality and flair.

Our pool enclosure lighting isn’t just about illumination; it’s about creating memorable experiences. Whether you’re throwing the ultimate pool party, enjoying a quiet night under the stars, or ensuring safe navigation around your backyard at night, our lighting solutions provide the versatility and reliability you need.

pool party

Pool Parties

Make a splash with lighting that’s as lively as your parties. Set the lights to match the energy of your music and watch as your pool becomes the centerpiece of the night.

pool enclosure lighting

Backyard Entertainment

.Enhance your outdoor movie nights or barbecues with ambient lighting that complements every moment. Our seamless integration means you can tailor your lighting to any event, ensuring a perfect backdrop every time.

pool cage lighting

Safety Lighting

Beyond aesthetics, our pool cage lighting serves a critical function in ensuring the safety of your pool area. Well-lit pathways and pool edges mean fewer accidents and a safer environment for your family and guests.

add lights to your pool enclosure


Designed for homeowners who wish to elevate their living spaces, outdoor entertainers seeking to create unforgettable experiences, birthday parties, celebrate an occasion or make the pool area more enjoyable.

Key Features of the Trimlight Solutions

  • Music Capability: Sync your lights to the rhythm of your favorite tunes for an unforgettable poolside dance party. Our lights can adapt to music played from your phone or directly through your Trimlight controller, offering a dynamic lighting experience that moves with the beat.
  • Voice Control with Alexa & Google Home: Integrate convenience into your outdoor lighting with our Trimlight Edge controller’s compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. A simple voice command is all it takes to control your lighting system, making it easier than ever to set the perfect mood for your backyard gatherings.
  • Cloud-Based Technology: Never worry about leaving your lights on again. Our advanced cloud-based technology allows you to connect to your Trimlight system from anywhere, giving you the power to control your lighting remotely. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, peace of mind is at your fingertips.

You Control the Lighting

Our Patio Lights are Called Bistro Lighting

patio lighting
bistro lights for around the pool
backyard pool area
pool lights

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