Outdoor Lighting

Permanent outdoor lighting installations add an enduring allure and offer a seamless extension of your home’s character into the outdoors. With each option, from under eaves lighting, to patio lights, to security-enhancing beams, the goal remains the same: to cast your outdoor spaces in the best possible light, making every evening an experience to look forward to.

Are you looking to add exterior lighting to your home

Choosing the right outdoor lighting is more than just a practical concern—it’s a craft that transforms your home’s exterior into a welcoming retreat and a fortress of security as the sun dips below the horizon. It’s about ensuring your house not only looks warm and inviting after dark but also stands as a beacon of safety. 

Key Benefits of Adding Trimlight Outdoor lights

Color Changing

Our lighting systems allow you to switch up the ambiance effortlessly. Choose from a spectrum of colors to suit any occasion—from festive reds and greens for the holidays to subtle pastels for a summer evening.


Say goodbye to manual adjustments. Our lights are fully programmable, letting you schedule on/off times, adjust brightness, and change colors and patterns through a user-friendly app. Seamlessly transition from one season to the next with pre-set templates or customize your own..

One Time Installation

Once our lights are installed, you can manage them entirely through our app. No need to climb ladders or fumble with switches. Set it and forget it.

Year Round Benefit

Illuminate your home with festive colors for Christmas, Halloween, or program to change colors for a life event , birthdays, graduations, Year-Round Elegance: Enjoy beautiful lighting throughout the year,

Change Colors, Patterns, for Holidays or Life Events

color changing
one time installation
year round benefits
install outdoor lighting

Trimlight offers professionally installed exterior lighting

This unique under-eave installation not only accentuates the villa’s tropical charm but also envelops it in a warm, inviting glow. Placed strategically alongside door walls and the perimeter, these lights ensure complete illumination, crafting an atmosphere of serene security and unparalleled beauty. Through the integration of these luminous beacons, we not only illuminate spaces but also infuse them with an ambiance that enhances architectural details while promising energy efficiency. 

Add Beauty, Safety and Security

In the soft veil of the evening, where shadows merge with the twilight, the right outdoor lighting transforms your home and backyard into a realm of tranquil elegance and beauty. Beyond the beauty and serenity, security lighting serves as a vigilant guardian. By casting light over dark walkways, garages, and entryways, it acts as a silent deterrent against the night’s potential intruders, ensuring peace of mind. A well-lit property doesn’t just radiate charm; it stands as a beacon of safety, making every evening an effortless blend of elegance and security

Install our energy efficient LED lights to your home

With the expertise of Gator Trimlight, your residence becomes more than just a place to live; it transforms into a beacon of elegance and efficiency under the night sky. Our team specializes in integrating energy-efficient solutions that blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture. The patented, color-matched channel is discreetly positioned under the soffit, ensuring no unsightly plastic clips or loose wires diminish your home’s beauty. Remarkably invisible during the day, these outdoor lighting fixtures emerge at dusk like hidden jewels, offering both security and aesthetic appeal.

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